David Allen v. Derek Smart: Dramasign The Likes Of Which Even God Has Never Seen

Well, we haven't had much Derek Smart/David Allen/Alganon news here, mainly because it's been fairly quiet, with Derek Smart's new crack team of developers busy implementing new totally-not-WoW-cloning content. Which is true! I am fairly certain World of Warcraft does not have the ability to loot "the head of David Allen". But David Allen, or perhaps a higher power such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer has smiled upon us, and brought to us more drama. Specifically:

In an effort to enhance Alganon’s® market visibility and following the direction of certain investors, QOL hired Derek Smart as a consultant on December 3, 2009 to assist in the area of sales and marketing. Soon thereafter, and for reasons unbeknownst to me, Mr. Smart began a smear campaign attacking my credibility, first privately among the investors, and then publicly. As many have read on various Internet websites, Mr. Smart has made disparaging remarks concerning my professional work and comments that could lead others to question my loyalty, honesty, and ability to successfully create, build, run, and manage a multi-million dollar MMOG development company; something I have been doing successfully for over four years. Please be aware that Mr. Smart’s comments are false and that I have filed a civil action against him in Maricopa County Superior Court for his defamatory conduct, among other things. I have been advised by my legal counsel to offer no further comment at this time on this matter during the pendency of the litigation.

And like all good courtroom drama, the paperwork has been posted!

As a result of these false accusations and their effect on Allen's reputation, he cannot secure acceptable gainful employment in his industry and, as an entrepreneur, it has hindered his ability to procure capital from investors and supporters for any new business venture.

Perhaps as part of the legal proceedings we, the interested public, can finally find out, in open court, what really happened to that Coke machine.

Edit: THIS JUST IN: Did you SERIOUSLY think Derek Smart could NOT comment on this?

I know you guys are all anxiously waiting for either myself or QOL to respond in an official capacity. Unlike David, we are actually running our response through legal counsel before we release it.

Oh. Well, that makes sense. I guess he's not going to commen... oh wait, he kept typing.

The facts are clear and without interpretation. His complaint (there is no lawsuit btw, thats just rubbish) is without merit and is just designed to strong arm people to do what they have been doing these past four years: give him money.
Right now he should be more concerned about the FBI, the IRS and the SEC more than filing frivolous suits that he has NO money to see through. Whatever money he had left, has already been spent on attorney retainers. Lets see how exactly he plans on bringing about frivolous lawsuits to no less than fourteen individuals and two companies. Not to mention the counter suits and cross complaints that are in the works and which he is most likely going to be buried in for the next ten years of his life.

We've known about his complaint since it was filed back on Mar 25th. But he chose to issue a press release on April 7th? My guess is that he's out looking for a job or some fool to give him money.

In typical David fashion, he has no clue wtf he is doing or what's coming down the line. All this is just noise to take away from the fact that he screwed several investors, screwed thousans of gamers, nearly destroyed the company and left a frigging mess behind. A mess that I have been tasked with clearing up and fixing.
David - once again - severely underestimates the investors. Because he pretty much spent four years feeding them bullshit and them giving him money, he thinks that they're just going to cave and pay him to go away. When no less than ten people unanimously vote you OUT of a company - TWICE - it means only one thing: they want you GONE.
When David Allen decided to bring me to QOL to HELP him, then LIE to me and try to get me to play along with his scheme to continue bilking the investors through lies and deceit he drew the line. Had I gone along with that plan, it would a different story today. The court documents will show EXACTLY what happened. So go ahead David, bring it.

Derek Smart: canny publicity genius, or secretly a stimulus package for the legal industry?