Emmert In Charge

Jack Emmert to take over as CEO of Cryptic.

As a colleague, I am sad to see John go, but our vision remains clear," says Emmert. "Cryptic continues to develop great gaming experiences while ensuring the success of its current projects, Champions Online: Free for All, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter.

Of course, most gamers already thought Emmert was in charge, since ever since Bill Roper's departure he was by far Cryptic's most visible employee - but he has moved swiftly in the space of a year from Creative Director to COO to CEO. Next stop - orbital mind control lasers.

Some of Emmert's greatest hits:

"After the first month, you lose two-thirds of your players, but the ones who stay - you can't get rid of them."
"No nerf ever caused a statistical drop in user base."
"You're seeing an absolutely catastrophic evolution in the MMO industry, and as a fan, you should be terrified."