Great Moments in Customer Service Pt. XCIII: Please Stop Hacking Our Game

Massively has the story of an Anarchy Online player event. If, that is, by "player event" you mean "player gets a GM account and starts killing people a lot".

Please also keep in mind that a great many of these activities are illegal (regardless of whatever "experts" tell you on the "internet")...and while it isn't easy to motivate anyone in law enforcement to actually do something about it...eventually we'll speak with someone responsible and you are going to feel very stupid explaining to real criminal that you gave up your freedom and greatly impacted your future to "Hack a video game". Given the opportunity I will throw the entire book at any of you I get a reasonable chance at.

To be clear here...this whole thing doesn't make me angry.

Well. I'd hate to see what he'd advocate if he got angry.

These kind of attacks are generally going on ALL the time...if anyone is reading this who is responsible for these attacks GIVE US A BREAK. All we are trying to do here is trying to continue to develop a game we all enjoy. If you are mad about your accounts being banned...or something like that...please try to grow up and accept the fact that you very likely deserved it.

That seems likely!