Handicapping Super Tuesday

Handicapping Super Tuesday

Possible directions for after tonight's Super Tuesday voting:

1) Sanders has a very good night, helped largely by a huge margin in California that comes close to shutting out other candidates, and wins Texas and Massachusetts. In this case Warren and Bloomberg will both come under HUGE pressure to end their campaigns (even more than now).

2) Bidenmentum is real and happening and is my friend. Comes within striking distance of Sanders in CA, wins TX. You'll know if this is happening if CA isn't immediately called (then the mail-in vote will be key and that won't be tabulated for a long while). Bloomberg comes under even HUGER pressure to end his campaign. Warren survives, just (it helps if she wins in MA)

3) CHAOS REIGNS. Bloomberg picks off a few states, Biden comes from behind in places unexpected, neither CA or TX are anywhere close to being called for any candidate. Bad for pretty much everyone, except Bloomberg, maybe.

I'm thinking it's going to be 1, personally.