History is Screaming

The men of my group who are under indictment here were under my military command. If they had not executed the orders which they were given, they would have been ordered by me to execute them. If they had refused to execute the orders they would have had to be called to account for it by me. There could be no doubt about it. Whoever refused anything in the front lines would have met immediate death. If the refusal would have come about in any other way, a court martial of the Higher SS and Police Leader would have brought about the same consequences.

I surrendered my moral conscience to the fact that I was a soldier, and therefore a cog in a relatively low position of a great machine. Because to me it is inconceivable that a subordinate leader should not carry out orders given by the leaders of the State.

Lt. Gen. Otto Ohlendorf
Commander, Deployment Group D, 1941-1943
Responsible for the murder of 90,000 Jews in Moldova and Ukraine
Found guilty of war crimes and mass murder, executed in 1951

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