Let Me Google That For You

If, as is 75% likely, the Democrats sweep the Presidency, the House and the Senate tomorrow and certain media and political figures begin demanding civility and understanding, kindly keep this handy search ready.

It's not just spite (although, yes, there is some. Having your government spit on you and try to kill you out of neglect for 4 years does that.) It's a signifier that the keystone of democracy - convincing others of the correctness of your opinions and why the people who embody them should be chosen - no longer applies, and only raw strength matters. Truth is a media construct, empathy is for suckers, and mercy is a weakness. The more that we do to hurt you, the more we like it.

The masks came off. Remember, when they start going back on.

(Hopefully, they start going back on. The alternative - that democracy is dead and raw power is the only thing that matters - is too horrible to contemplate.)