Libertarian(s) Against Trump

Libertarian(s) Against Trump

Rep. Justin Amash Says Trump Should Be Impeached - The Washington Post

Libertarians have gotten a bad rap of late, justifiably. I know, I used to be one! I thought that was the ideal, you know, let everyone do what they want and stuff works out. Well, stuff is not working out, and you may have noticed this.

Also, you may have noticed on the right wing of the electoral spectrum there was this reality TV star that demanded everyone pay homage, and sadly many libertarians have fallen sway to that, even coming up with "libertarian MAGA blogs". I hope they're just doing this to get attention from the ruling party and get in on the grift.

Justin Amash is not getting in on the grift. You may disagree with him (in many instances, you SHOULD disagree with him) but he has absolutely, always, 100%, been honest about his convictions. I follow him on FB and he explains every vote he takes to his followers and constituents, almost like it's his job to do so or something.

So this… doesn't really surprise me at all. It's an honest libertarian conservative, saying enough is enough.