Make The Hurting Stop

Make The Hurting Stop

The media starting tomorrow needs to stop carrying Trump's COVID-19 press conferences live.

1) Trump's scripted-opening-which-is-read-in-a-bored-monotone-because-Trump-hates-working rarely has actual news, and if it does it usually leaks before hand.

2) The second part, where he takes questions and very rarely deigns to answer them, is a campaign rally disguised as a press conference. He abuses reporters constantly for not praising him for what a great job he's doing (something that literally no reporter ever does, even on Fox) and rants and raves hysterically with almost no connection to actual events. He hypes companies and products he has a personal business stake in. He denigrates political opponents. He acts like a child. This REALLY does not need to be carried live as a news event.

3) Eventually he gets bored and lets the adults speak. Sometimes there's no time left for them to. Good thing we're not in an existential crisis or anything.

This needs to stop, and the media needs to stop being complicit. Fox will of course continue to carry them live. Who cares. The administration will throw a temper tantrum and threaten to remove access (as they already did with Fauci and CNN). Who cares.

It's difficult to explain how much of a joke this is, because we've become used to such bad behavior. But this is REALLY bad. And it needs to stop. Now. And that is on the media, because the administration is run by a narcissistic four year old who likes to see himself yell things.