This is an example of the agitprop being pushed by Trump this weekend (he tweeted it twice)

China’s government is communist in name only. You can’t be communist and invest in major Hollywood studios, for God’s sake. Do these people even know what words mean?

No, China didn’t give Biden billions of dollars. Or he gave it all away, since Biden is notably not a billionaire. (Throughout his career he had among the lowest net worth of US Senators.)

No, Trump isn’t the only politician China fears. China LOVES Trump in office because thanks to mismanagement of the US economy China is now on track to overtake the US as the largest economy a decade earlier.

There is currently no communist government (the usual suspects cited, like North Korea and Venezuela, are authoritarian dictatorships, less so in Venezuela’s case) existing in the world.

There is no overarching communist conspiracy to destroy America. The Soviet Union died 30 years ago. Nikita Khrushchev never made the quotes attributed to him in this video.

Google is not censoring your web searches. (Go ahead and try DuckDuckGo but Google really doesn’t care who you vote for, just what you click on.)

Blaming COVID-19 on China’s government gives them FAR too much credit.

Painting Donald Fucking Trump as the stalwart defender of truth, justice and the American way means one of two things; you have a grift or you are an idiot.

Still, it’s important to know the state of the art in enemy agitprop.