He's dreamy!

Mike "The MyPillow and also Martial Law Guy" Lindell bought 12 hours of One America News airtime to play his election documentary.

Way back when in the dark years of the 1990s, I used to work various odd jobs to get by; one of them was at an advertising agency. Started out as a database programmer, ended up doing pretty much everything - buying time on TV stations ("traffic departments"), writing the actual infomercials (for for-profit colleges that were as skeevy then as now), and editing them (on a Mac Quadra 950, which was then Very State Of The Art and the whole editing broadcast-quality video on a computer concept was new and different).

The interesting thing I learned when talking to traffic departments is just how utterly cheap cable network time really was. You could buy a block of 2 minutes (the preferred clobber-you-over-the-head advertising length for that market) for pennies. Targeting specific stations in the overnight hours for an hour-long infomercial might run you $30 for a station. Really insanely low cost (bear in mind, at that level you had to be willing to be bumped if someone outbid you for the time, which rarely happened). So low cost, in fact, I had the idea of branching our agency out into dating. Like online dating, but before online existed. Instead you could have your own infomercial! I even wrote a bit of the script based on the dreck we did for technical colleges.

"Are you lonely? Do you NEED a better romantic life? Call Scott Jennings, at 505-555-1212, RIGHT NOW, and I will put you on the road to a brighter future. You'll get the opportunity to date exciting people like me, Scott Jennings! Operator (me) is standing by to take your calls. Don't miss out on this exciting one-time offer!"

So, basically Mike Lindell paid $50 to OANN for his dating ad. Seems legit.