Oh, Come ON

Oh, Come ON

Alaska Congressman suggest Jews would have survived Holocaust had they been armed - NY Daily News

After Poland fell to the Nazis in 1939, the German occupiers found themselves the overlords of Poland's Jewish population of some 3.5 million people. Over the next few years, the Germans concentrated them into ever-shrinking prison zones - "ghettos" and then finally, by 1942, began depopulating them and sending the residents en masse to extermination camps.

Word had gotten out, and the Jewish residents knew that submitting to deportation meant certain death. So, in one of the most tragic battles of the Second World War, in 1943 "Aktion Warschau" - Action Warsaw, the clearing of the largest ghetto, was met by desperate civilians who met the stormtroopers of the SS in battle, with pistols and rifles facing tanks and flamethrowers.

The ensuing fighting was desperate, brutal and short. Around 300 German stormtroopers died, as did 13,000 Jewish defenders. The surviving 60,000 residents were immediately deported to death camps, most of whom died shortly thereafter.

I'm explaining this because there are only two possible explanations for this news story - our "leaders" are so profoundly ignorant that you now know more about history than they do, or that they are well aware of this history, and using the genocide of a people to score political points and justify the lobbying of an industry that demands a total and complete lack of any regulation at all.

Both options sicken and enrage me. I'm not sure which does more.