RealID: Worst Case Scenario

I fully expect this blog to disappear today. In fact I hope it does. I am tempted to file an abuse report on it myself.

Robert "Bobby" Kotick The big man at Activision. CEO. The source of all Blizzard's community problems of the last few years. Here's his facebook: He's not very open, but his friends and family are.

Big donations to the GOP ($28,000 in 2007, and raised over $200k for Bush!) but makes $1.5 million a year and just dumped a huge amount of his company's stock at the beginning of this year. You know, I'd be selling my Blizzard stock right now too.

But hey, he's a busy man. He's got a wife and three young daughters, ages 6, 9, and 11. The oldest is Gracie, she likes skiing. There are pictures of her that can be found, but I'm not posting them because I think I've made my point there.

Here's some information on his wife.