Reflections on Last Night

Reflections on Last Night

1) The Democrats took the House.
2) The Democrats took the House.
3) The Democrats took the House.

Yes, it's that important. The Trump administration can no longer act with complete impunity. There will be oversight. It will be feckless (because Democrats are involved) and there will be kicking, screaming, and obstruction (because Republicans are involved) and a good share of outright blatant lying (because Trump is involved). But it is a vast improvement on the past 2 years. More importantly, it is a sign that the country is not yet one large Trumpist Nuremburg Rally.

4) Still a LOT of work to go.

Florida broke a LOT of people's hearts and seems to be tipping from a swing state to a deep Florida-man red state. In Texas, Beto's charisma and electoral skill couldn't beat the fact that almost no Democrats, still, win in what remains a deeply Republican state. And don't even get me started about Georgia, which appears to have given the governor's mansion to a Disney villain.

The country is deeply divided, and Trump's Republicans (for more than ever, the GOP is Trump, no longer conservative, but a party of the personality cult) will do their damnedest to make it worse.

5) The Democrats took the House.

Anyone want to start taking bets on which Russian oligarchs Putin is using to launder Gazprom money to the Trump organization? Because we're about to find out.