Take Two CEO Unaware UO, LOTRO, EQ2, Eve, AC, DAOC, Runescape, Club Penguin, Maple Story, FreeRealms, Wizard 101, Guild Wars, Aion Or CoH Exist

"How many MMOs have ever worked in the U. S. market? Pop quiz... Two. World of Warcraft and Everquest."

Strauss Zelnick, Take Two CEO, 2010.

"We haven’t announced any MMOs. Competing in that market in the U.S. is a real risk. It requires a huge upfront investment. It requires a big marketing push. And there are only two successful MMOs that matter in the U.S. It’s very hard to do."

Strauss Zelnick, Take Two CEO, 2009.

Full disclosure: I was one of the heads of an Austin studio that a subsidiary of Take Two funded to provide the company with a team with knowledge of and experience in the MMO market. They later decided that this experience and knowledge was not needed.