The Canary Is Dead

The Canary Is Dead

Texas Tech Medical School Will End Use of Race in Admissions - Politico

We all laughed at Betsy DeVos when she went through confirmations. She talked about students fighting off bears. She was obviously completely incompetent. Hah hah hah. Look at the stupid woman.

Look at the stupid woman who has been sinking money into the Republican Party for the past twenty years for this moment, when she can take the one cabinet office she wants, and then use it to stamp her religious-fascist views of education to destroy a system of colleges which up till now was a pinnacle of scholarship that everyone on the PLANET - Europe, China, everywhere - fought over each other to learn from.

Not now. Oh no. Oh, no no no. Oh no.

This is the canary in the coal mine and that canary is DEAD. Betsy DeVos has an agenda, and that agenda is our entire educational system, pre-K to post-PhD, enslaved to a religious doctrine.

Oh wait, you didn't know our secretary of education was a Dominionist? Too late now. It has already begun. And the world - not just America, the world - is poorer for it.

This is the second most damaging thing the Trump administration has done. (The most damaging, for the record, is abrogating the Paris climate change accord. Which does kind of make all this dancing around irrelevant if, you know, in 50 years we all die.)