The Lidless All-Seeing Eye Of Derek Smart Demands Battle Hamsters

The cavalcade of fun that is Derek Smart's stewardship of an MMO continues apace.

Once we run out of back-story in the lore, then we're just to going start making up stuff. No, seriously, we are. Since David, Hue and Jason are gone now, we can do anything we want. We already have, uhm, battle hamsters. So we're going to expand on those and take it from there.
The biggest issue I have is that with all this new-found exposure, under load, the server CPUs may very well heave themselves clean out of their sockets, blow past the fan, bid farewell to the memory chips on their way out and make a clean exit out of the cage.
Yes, that's the plan. That and the fact that we're going to focus all our efforts on fleshing out the battle hamsters, since Elves -- of any kind -- are flat out banned from the game.
I'm scared. I'm very scared. Can you hold me? Fine. How about a hug then?

Look, all the man wants is a battle hamster, CAN'T YOU HAVE SOME COMPASSION?