The Long And Strange Tale Of Stargate Worlds Comes To A Close, Maybe

MGM finally pulls the Stargate license from Cheyenne Mountain after a protracted court battle

“They took everything I owned and they took … besides my personal property they took my good name,” he said. “When I watched Iron Man, that was my life right there on the screen because of what these guys did to me.”

Whiting says that an attempt to fire him in February by Cheyenne Mountain’s then-board of directors provided cover for the takeover of assets. He was later reinstated by the court, but by then Dark Comet had possession of the games.

“All I wanted was a fair shake,” he said. “I founded this company. I’m the brains behind this company. I’m the creative guy behind this company.”

He said Stargate Resistance was being run by “promotional idiots” and that he had a plan to get the backing needed to bring the Stargate Worlds to market.

Meanwhile, as noted on Stargate's Wikipedia entry:

The writers and producers of Stargate view Stargate Worlds as running side by side with the show in complete canon.

Given that Stargate SG-1 went off the air in 2007 that may be a problem.