The Ship Is Listing to Starboard, Says Fleeing Rat

The Ship Is Listing to Starboard, Says Fleeing Rat

John Kelly Finally Lets Loose On Trump - The Atlantic

Sorry, color me unimpressed.

He joined the Trump administration willingly because of their policy against migration (*any* migration, not merely illegal); his problems with Trump were not ideological, they were merely systemic.

He also humiliated his enemies in sometimes scatological terms (such as ensuring everyone knew Tillerson was fired while suffering from a bout of diarrhea), defended an aide guilty of domestic abuse through repeatedly lying and demanding everyone else who worked for him do the same, and occasionally dealt with workplace stress by throwing people against a wall (for which the Secret Service had to intervene). And of course, he waited to make any comment about the impeachment until well after it was past.

But guys, he's very concerned about North Korea, so let's not judge him too harshly in the history books!

It is impossible to successfully make deals with the devil. This is just a point on that curve.