This Just In: Trump Said a Thing

This Just In: Trump Said a Thing

Trump Says He's Taken Better Care of Puerto Rico "Than Any Living Human Being" - The Hill

I know LOTS of Boricuans who would disagree. But does it really matter? I mean, he literally just says whatever pops into his head, regardless of how much off base it is, regardless of how insulting it is, regardless of how he's literally on the record THIS WEEK demanding Puerto Rico get less disaster relief because, I dunno, lemme pick a random reason, they speak Spanish and have darker skin? Can we go with that reason? You got a better one? All righty, then.

I know, posts like this are stupid. "Trump said a thing."

You know the real problem? We have an executive branch that is literally - LITERALLY on the level of Beavis and Butthead. "Hey, Beavis, I totally am the best humanitarian ever, I saved so many lives." "Hurrr hurr hurr".

This is not unintentional. This is demeaning the very idea of governmental oversight, because our supposed leader is - and really, I can't WAIT for someone to disprove these statements - functionally illiterate, emotionally dead to the point of sociopathy, and with the working IQ of a junior high school student.

This devalues the CONCEPT of government. Why bother to have laws and oversight, when the people in charge are so incredibly, provably stupid? Better to let corporations run themselves, right?

The very compact we live under - an association of people who work together for the betterment of all involved - is under threat. And this has nothing to do with ideology, unless you think that the concept of "functional highways", "working air traffic control" and "emergency services that actually are funded" are somehow socialist shibboleths.

The longer we have a government this dysfunctional, this incapable of doing anything at all, the more likely it is we tip over into that Cyberpunk 2020 campaign where corporations have private armies, ambulances are Special Forces details only available to the 1%, and life for the vast majority is nasty, brutish, and short.

It was science fiction 30 years ago. Now?