Try the Wine

"A Clockwork Orange" - like "Blazing Saddles" which came out that same year - is so transgressive and so invasive, you want to ignore it exists.

And yet, 45 years later, it is still relevant as hell. Not just relevant, but invasive. Awful. Horrible. It is not an easy watch. It does not reward you. It remains one of the best movies ever made. And even today, it remains not just relevant, but... forbidden. It goes there. Every time. And you think it might be pornographic - but it's not. It's so much worse.

One of the most awkward scenes. And bear in mind - this was filmed in 1971. This was in your face in every way possible. The tension in this scene, the knowledge, how everyone interacts... it's so painful and so perfect. Kubrick was/remains a master of his art.