Wait, He Admitted To It? Well, Then.

Wait, He Admitted To It? Well, Then.

So, Trump apparently called the President of Ukraine and demanded dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for previously agreed-to military aid. We know this, because he admitted it and said it was a "perfect phone call". Words fail.

1) There is zero point zero chance that Trump will be removed from office. The Senate as it stands would not convict Trump under any circumstances. The GOP has already shown that they are to Trump as Wormtongue was to Saruman. There is literally nothing that would cause them to vote Trump out of office. Do not get your hopes up.

2) It is better long term that Trump be removed from office at the ballot box, not via an impeachment conviction.

3) It is vitally important that the House put impeachment proceedings on the historical record. There must be consequences.

4) The latest evidence of Trump's malfeasance is really an order of magnitude beyond anything else disclosed of late. Imagine the reaction if Obama had leaned on, say, the ruler of Qatar to investigate Donald Trump Jr. in 2015 and threatened to remove all of America's military aid if they didn't play ball. It's ~kind of a big deal~ using the full weight of American foreign and military policy as a personal plaything to get back at your enemies.

5) Trump has admitted to doing this. Repeatedly. It's like he printed out "mycrimes.txt" and is waving it in front of the camera. He's doing this because for his entire life, he has never suffered any consequences for his actions. Ever.

6) Impeachment hearings are much more difficult for the Trump administration to stonewall. The taxes will come out. The transcripts will come out. If Trump resists, well, there's already precedent from 1973.