We Little Known Blog Sites Kind Of Stick Together

Derek Smart, the most effective manager of an MMO ever ever ever, when called on the carpet re: PR plagiarism (in a comment on 'little known blog site' Kill Ten Rats):

And yes, those were John’s words at that 2004 fair in New Orleans. Everyone is quick to point the finger, but when push comes to shove, nobody wants to do the actualy work of sourcing corrections. Nice.

John Smedley, talking to 'little known blog site' n3rfed:

Um. I've never been to New Orleans. That was the one year I missed it for family reasons.

Why yes, no one does want to go to the work of sourcing statements, following up on public pronouncements, or ensuring that what you say is accurate. Except for 'little known blog sites'. We don't count. Just ask Smart!

Both F13 and KTR are little read blogs. They are not mainstream media. Hence the distinction. Just because a bunch of fanboys get together to scratch each other’s backs while poking fun at the flavor du jour doesn’t qualify them as a credible source.

You know, given that Derek Smart is overseeing an independently produced MMO with zero marketing, completely and totally dependent on grassroots word of mouth to gain any business whatsoever - one would hope that he didn't actually antagonize the very opinion-leader MMO commentary sites that drive his own publicity train, feed stories to major news sites like Massively, and in a very direct sense contribute to his bottom line.

Then again, given recent history, Smart probably didn't actually write that quote above. Mikhail Gorbachev did, while he was in New Orleans advocating violent revolution.