Yes, A T-72 Tank Does Equal an M1A1 Tank, Just Ask Iraq

Something to amuse the grognards - saw this site quoted as a "prestigious" monitor of global military strength by, believe it or not, an official (if obscure) US Government media source. My take after about 3 minutes of review:

  • Awful copy editing (misspellings abound)
  • Confusing statistical analysis (0.0000 is perfect, apparently)
  • No explanation of how those scores are derived
  • Raw comparison of unit classes without any apparent measurement of age or quality (a T-72 does not equal an M1A1, as a certain ex-national security advisor who gained some notoriety at 73 Easting would tell you)

Basically, I'm in the wrong business and need to make a website full of buzzwords mated to wargame design, pronto. If I charge $50K for access to defense contractors I only need to sell 5 to 10 a year!

This is the actual reference most national security dorks use, which actually DOES charge an arm and a leg but isn't, uh, hilariously bad. And they only charge $650 a copy!