Mark Jacobs Resurfaces, Pretty Fly For An Old White Guy

Mark Jacobs Resurfaces, Pretty Fly For An Old White Guy

Mark Jacobs, Mythic founder, former CEO and person whose picture appears in the dictionary next to the word "irrepressible", is interviewed by Forbes about his new game company, City State Nation Continent Entertainment.

“I didn’t want this studio to be the old boys’ club,” he said. “I was looking for, and continue to look for, a mix of people that represent a much more diverse segment of the gaming population — whether that’s women, young people, whoever — and, to be very blunt, not just ‘old white guys.’ I want people who can come in and bring in their different perspectives, and their ideas for new games and features.”

In fact, Jacobs said that three of the people on his staff have never played a game before they were hired at City State. “They’ve never played an MMO, and they don’t know hardcore games, but what they do know are the platforms we’re going for,” he said. “They know what they like. They can give us opinions that are much more diverse, and that’s what I want. We have a great bunch of guys and gals who are willing to speak their minds. This is the kind of environment that we had at the beginning at old Mythic, and the kind of place that I always wanted Mythic to be. We have a very collaborative environment; we talk about everything. I’ve got a great mix of people here.”

You might ask what sort of game City State of the Invincible Overlord Entertainment is making, and Mark (via his website) might tell you.

What kind of games do you make?

None; we just started.

Or not. Hey, I bet the press release might say!

City State Entertainment is a brand-focused studio creating intellectual property for the mobile, tablet and social networking spaces.

At any rate, expect many more jokes about the name, because really.