Mark Pincus Just A Poor Boy Whose Intentions Are Good; Please Don't Let Him Be Misunderstood

Similar: abuses employees in profane tirades, has nice cafeterias

Different: APPL valued at a bit more than ZNGA, not literally a force of pure evil*

* unless you're Richard Stallman In case you're wondering why Mark Pincus of Zynga is compared to Steve Jobs so much (maybe you hear voices in your head, I won't judge) Slate publishes a four part 'interview' with Pincus where Jacob Weisberg answers that burning question, while also remarking on just how awesome Pincus is, and how he can't understand why people would ever have a poor opinion of the company. Pincus replies that it's really just because he's too busy being concentrated awesome to care about what the peasantry thinks. Stay tuned for Part II: "Gameplay is Overrated" and Part III: "The Stock Market is Gnarly"!